As you might already know, we also deliver alcohol. When delivering alcohol you need to take into account a few extra rules. 

Steps you have to take

  1. Bottles and cans are breakable, be careful with the products
  2. The app will ask you to check the ID of the customer
  3. Verify if the customer is 18 years or older
  4. If the customer is older than 18 years, then you can deliver the order
  5. If the customer is younger than 18 years or younger, then you have to go back to the store. In case you have more orders to deliver, you first deliver these before you go back.
  6. Customer not home? Don't deliver the alcohol to the neighbors

Why not to deliver alcohol to the neighbor?

We want to make sure that the customer who orders is 18 years or older. To avoid alcohol deliveries to customers who are younger than 18, we apply this procedure.

How do I get paid when I have to return the package? 

You will get the full order amount and also €3,- bonus added.

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