Right now, you can login to the rider app and start working if you want. We don't allow riders to start delivering without a shift planned. Because we have our scheduling system called When I Work to arrange when you work this is not possible. We do not want to have too many riders randomly online, so don't break the system for your co-riders. 

We will be able to turn your account offline when you login during a shift that you didn't plan. 

The following steps will be taken:

  1. The first time you will be taken offline and get a warning for logging in to your account without a shift.
  2. When you do it another time, we will turn your account offline and and open up your shifts that you did book for the current week. 
  3. Still want to give it a try? We see no other solution than terminating the collaboration and turning off your rider account. 

Good to know:

  • We want to give everyone the chance to start delivering. Don't ruin it for others. 
  • We will terminate your account, we need to be strict on this 😔
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