When the customer doesn't show up when you arrive, there are a few steps you can take:

  • Ring the doorbell multiple times
  • Wait for 5 minutes until the person opens the door

Ring the bell to see if someone is home

It can happen when you rang the bell and there is not an immediate response. The customer can be busy with something else, so wait patiently. If there is no response the first try, maybe try it one or two more times. Don't spam the customers doorbell..

Wait 5 minutes until you leave!

When there is no contact with the customer after 5 minutes, you should contact support. They will verify if the order is processed accordingly and if the customer details are used correctly. They can also call the customer to see what's up. 

When the customer doesn't show up

Once support verified that the whole delivery process has been done according to the rules we made, support decides what to do with the order. In worse case scenario you have to return the goods to the pick-up location and we will address this problem accordingly with the store. 

Important note:
You will get paid! 

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