In the beginning of every week you will be able to see the new slots and book your preferred shifts. During the week it can be busier than expected and we find out that there are more deliveries to be done than expected. In that case we offer extra slots so more people can do deliveries.

When do we post new slots?

Every moment of the day it is possible to get new slots. This will happen when there are orders waiting, or when it is expected to be busier. We will send you an update if this happens more frequently so we can keep changes in mind. 

You will get a push notification!

New slots can be offer every moment during the week. You will get a push notification when there are new slots and you are able to apply for the new slots. Keep an eye on the notification, because a lot of these extra published slots will be for the same day. Like any other slot, you can apply immediately and go online like you do with a regular shift. 

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