Most important for us is that you feel comfortable on your bike. Therefore we don't require you to wear anything specific. Ride the bike you like and you feel comfortable with. We offer the Packaly bag to identify that you are one of the Packaly squad.

What do we offer you to use

  • Packaly backpack with the right dimensions, which fits 100% of all products we offer clients to ship.

What we recommend you to have

Make sure you have safe and professional equipment, to make sure you can enjoy your shifts as much as possible and do you work in the best way possible: 

  • Water bottle for water or something else.
  • Phone holder on the handlebar, because you cannot keep it in your hand anymore by Dutch law.
  • Power bank to charge your phone when you don't have any battery anymore.
  • Weatherproof outfit for when it gets wet outside.
  • Food, because it's a very active job.
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